A floor plan of the additions and renovations proposed by the Decatur County Family YMCA include an indoor playground and a 3,000 square foot DCMH/DCFYMCA health and wellness area.

GREENSBURG — Decatur County Family YMCA C.E.O. Dianne Hart-Dawson recently appealed to the Decatur County Visitors Commission regarding the launch of the Y’s annual capital campaign and its $5 million goal.

Hart-Dawson began by saying the YMCA has partnered with the Greensburg community and the surrounding area since 1914, and a recent study of the community exposed needs which the current YMCA facility is unable to meet.

“The Greensburg community needs are changing, and the Decatur County Family YMCA must grow and change as well,” she said.

The DCFYMCA and Decatur County Memorial Hospital are partnering to add a 3,000 square foot space dedicated to the health and wellness of the community, she said.

Also in the Y’s expansion plan is a space called the “Family Adventure Center,” an indoor playground much like the playground at the Common’s Mall in Columbus. It’s also much like the Stellar Communities plan for an indoor playground.

Expansion plans at the local Y also include the designation of a family locker room, the renovation of the lobby/lounge area, and the renovation of the second floor Teen/Intergenerational Hub.

The plan includes the addition of a 3,000 square foot Health and Wellness Center that will be co-manned by the YMCA and Decatur County Memorial Hospital. The space will be used for weight management classes, diabetes classes, blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring classes and other educational initiatives supporting health education.

“The YMCA is embarking on a capital campaign, and we’re still in the early stages. Our board, during their retreat recently, put together a Master Plan and fully intend to see it through. We did readiness assessments and report folios for the project to make sure we are ready to carry it through, along with a 3-year budget projection to show we are being good stewards,” she said.

Hart-Dawson continued, explaining a thorough and extensive list of studies conducted by YMCA team members proving the needs versus the capabilities of the YMCA.

“We will be working with the DCMH on a daily basis to provided education and classroom opportunities for the public to learn about health and wellness, blood pressure monitoring, blood sugar monitoring and lots of other opportunities, taking a more global look at health and maintaining the health for families and individuals,” she said.

Hart-Dawson then explained the need for a more family-oriented locker room, with a room set aside for child-watch.

When she explained the indoor playground for children, there was some discussion as to the necessity of a second indoor playground as one is already planned for in the ongoing Stellar Communities initiative. It was decided that one for the YMCA clientele was definitely appropriate.

Discussion followed concerning the addition of a second Studio B for fitness and weightlifting equipment, and the expansion and renovation of the lobby as well as the conversion of the second floor teen room into more of an inter-generational area, providing space for youth and seniors to converse and share fitness initiatives.

Much discussion was heard after Hart-Dawson’s presentation.

Ultimately, the Decatur County Visitors Commission elected to support the YMCA Capital Campaign at $10,000 per year for five years.

The DCFYMCA board includes Angie Johnson, President; Joe Rust, Vice-president; Blake O’Mara, Treasurer; Heather Corya, Secretary; Rick Johnson, Past President; and board members Brett Ablpanalp, Terry Canfield, Philip Desiere, Lori Hunter, Barb Lecher, Jean Long, Rex McKinney, Jane Obermeyer, Carol Reed, Chris Stephen, Jennifer Sturges and Dennis Wilson.

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