Indiana may be far from Thursday’s hostilities, but affairs overseas could greatly affect Decatur County residents’ way of life.

Currently, the conflict between Israel and Lebanon is generating a Middle Eastern crisis that is felt world-wide.

How does the conflict affect the people of Decatur County? Take a look at the price of gas during today’s commute to work and see if there’s a difference. In fact, analysts say it could reach $4 by this weekend if the fighting continues.

“I feel like it’s a big burden in my life and especially in the lives of poor,” Greensburg resident Bob Keeton, a car salesman, said. “It will affect car sales and prices.”

The reason for the dramatic rise has to do with the price of a barrel of oil.

Thursday, it started at $72 per barrel and rose to an all-time high $78 in the evening. A jump to $100, which is not impossible, will pile-on even more financial hardship to this area.

Keeton is not the only unhappy customer at the gas pump.

“The rise of gas prices will definitely have an affect on schools and school sports,” Greensburg teacher Cindy Wilkerson said. “Sporting teams may not want to travel as much for tournaments and field trips may not be as frequent.”

Gas prices impact local business as well. Merchants, from pizza joints to construction firms, may be forced to raise the price of services to make up for the high cost of fuel.

“It is really bad that we are seeing the cost of living rise, but salaries are staying the same,” one Greensburg resident said while filling up.

Children might have to ask for raises in allowance from parents just to do chores.

“ I don’t like the price of gas at all,” 16-year-old Korby Day said while filling up his gas jug for the lawnmower. “The day I got my license I was discouraged about driving because prices were high even then.”

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