While writing this column, I was streaming our new radio station, which streams at www.faithaudio.org, the song playing was entitled, An Amazing God by John Jones. It has a nice tempo with some right words.

Hearing the song reminded once again of how amazing God is to each of us. I know for sure that during this coronavirus, we are living differently. We have indeed entered into making business, church, and lifestyle differences. I will admit that going into my bank with a mask and asking for money crimps my style.

Thinking back on Orwell’s book, 1984, I wonder if he got the year wrong. 2020 would have been appropriate.

Yes, an incredible time in which we live. How are you handling life these days? It is a question we must reflect on. After some reflection, we then need to ask ourselves, are we crumbling under the stressors of living life differently, or do we choose to commit ourselves to prayer, asking for God’s guidance?

Let’s face it, if we call ourselves Christians, are we responding honestly to this crisis or crumbling under the burden? I Peter 5:7, “Casting all YOUR cares upon Him, for He cares for YOU.”

When praying, make this verse personal by saying it this way; I cast ALL of my cares upon YOU, dear Lord, because I know YOU care for me. By saying it this way, we are personalizing this promise for us.

As the song says, He is an amazing God. Maybe during this time, we will understand the importance of a closer connection with Our Lord.

The other observation I have made is how connected believers are during this time of many, not going to a church building, and if we do, it is much different. Wearing a mask, no shaking hands and passing peace to each other and, what about those delicious church dinners?

Many of us are doing online church, connecting via emails, texts, messenger, and maybe even a phone call. Don’t despair thru this, my friend. Spend time in prayer and Bible study. If you aren’t sure what to study, get in touch, and I will send you some useful tips for Bible study.

Now is not a time to give up hope but a time to rejoice and give this fantastic God thanks for His amazing grace.

Dr. Michael Layne can be reached at 812-503-2170 or, www.faithaudio.org.

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