Psalm 119:105 – Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.

I am told that in the early days of automobiles in this country there was nothing but dirt roads. In many parts of rural America, there would be a sign that stated, “Choose your rut wisely. You will be in it the next 10 miles.”

Some great advice for the traveler. After a rain, as we have experienced, vehicles traveling those roads would leave ruts. When the roads dried out the ruts remained as a reminder someone else has made this journey.

Let’s apply that same principle to our daily lives. We find ourselves faced with decision making as to which way to go? Or do I do this or do I do that? You fill in the “this” or “that.”

As society becomes more progressive it also becomes more difficult in our decision making due to so many choices. You go into a sit-down restaurant for a nice meal with a loved one. One look at the menu and immediately one is faced with a multitude of decisions. The menu is filled with choices, and sometimes multiple pages show us the various options for what we thought would be a simple process of ordering a meal.

Another rut to figure out.

We go shopping for a specific item and other items get in our way of making a decision on the one type of item we went for.

Sometimes, when faced with the chore of paying the bills and we discover there isn’t enough money in the account to pay everything, we may do the bill shuffle routine by choosing to withhold payment until later for something. Sometimes this becomes a rut in our life.

When I built a house in Texas in the mid 1980s, I had to contend with the soil. Black gumbo soil can be very difficult to work with. When it is dry it is very hard, and when it rains it is very slippery. My pickup truck got stuck in the driveway one day. We had just had rain. I tried everything I knew to do, but could not move. There was no rut, just the slick soil. A neighbor came by with his tractor and pulled out.

Some things in life do not present with a rut. Just as my driveway didn’t have any ruts yet the wet soil kept me from going where I wanted. Same application for life. You may not see the ruts that loom until you are in the middle of the choice you have made. Then it takes ingenuity and prayer to get you out of the situation that has reared its ugly head in your life.

Yes, prayer and thinking. God has given us a brain and He expects us to use it. If your mind is cluttered with everything else but focusing on how to manage better, then it’s time to ask God for His help in clearing out the muddiness of thinking. For some, it may be choosing a medication to help with the thought issues while for others, learning to take one thing at a time will work wonders.

Try. Really try. Think. Really think. Pray. Really pray.

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