Today is Earth Day.

Earth Day is a day for us to show our support for environmental conservation, to bring the current state of our planet to light, to observe our duty to safeguard all that inhabits it and to find ways to think green.

Our connection to the Earth is much more powerful than we could ever imagine. That is why understanding the importance of mindfully connecting with nature is fundamental in the progress of our mind-body wellness and overall well being.

Nature and environmental conservation and sustainability are intrinsically connected to mind-body wellness and health.

Taking care of the plant is a powerful way to help take care of yourself. All of life is interconnected; whenever we are doing things that benefit the plant, we are also improving our mood and mental health.

The following are three ways to promote mind-body-soul wellness this Earth Day:

Spend More Time Outdoors

Especially since the pandemic started, many of us are spending too much time indoors, and not enough time out in the sunshine and fresh air.

Take some extra time to make outdoor time a priority. It helps connect you with the earth, has a powerful way of bringing life into perspective, and also has significant mental and physical health benefits. Make it a goal to spend some outdoor time daily.

Support a Tree

Even if you can’t go and plant a tree this earth day (like me, I’m in NYC where I don’t have my own garden), you can support organizations and movements that are planting trees and helping to reduce environmental impact.

Consider a small (or large) donation. You can also help our trees by using sustainable paper products, switching to bamboo-based papers (even my toothbrush is bamboo), or recycling your mail. There are so many creative ways you can save a tree!

Find a Sustainable Product

Now, this is fun! There are many sustainable products on the market: laundry strips instead of a giant tub of liquid detergent, bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic, cleaning cartridges, reusable bottles, there’s even sustainable clothing for the fashion inclined, and so much more. No matter what your interest, you can absolutely find something new to get excited about. Find something that speaks to you and find a new product your love that’s helping support the planet.

Jaya Jaya Myra is a former immunologist turned mind-body wellness expert and bestselling author.

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