The door has closed on the year 2020, giving way to a New Year and new opportunities.

I didn’t make any official New Year’s resolutions for 2021, but I have a plan in place to help me continue to grow as a person. My motto for 2021 is Strive for Growth.

I plan to focus on three specific areas of growth. Mind, body and spirit.

As far as growing mentally, I find travel to be the best way to expand beliefs and calm the mind.

Whenever I get tired of the same old scenery, I like to hop in my car and go experience something I haven’t before. For me, the open road has a way of alleviating troubles and worries.

One doesn’t have to travel far either.

Visiting Indiana’s State Parks has become one of my favorite pastimes. Experinceing nature is revitalizing in more ways than one.

I’d suggest Brown County State Park or Turkey Run State Park to anyone who has never been.

I’d recommend traveling to other states as well. I often find comfort in reminiscing about the natural beauty of the hills of Kentucky or the awesomeness of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan.

I hope the COVID-19 pandemic improves this year, so I can continue my travels and create more memories.

Meditation has been on my mind much as of late. I’ve tried to meditate before, but struggle when it comes to clearing my mind.

I’m always worrying about what I have to do for work the next day or something else.

You will be able to catch me peacefully meditating in a couple of Indiana’s State Parks in 2021.

I’m going to become healthier and stronger in the New Year.

Since graduating college in 2018, I’ve found more time to revisit a forgotten passion. Weight lifting was the best way for me to blow off steam back then.

Weight lifting has became a top priority in my life again. With each workout, I feel more content and better overall.

As spring comes around, I also plan to begin a running regimen to lean up a little.

I’d go as far as to say working out can improve just about anyone’s mental, physical and spiritual well being.

I changed my eating habits after college, but I still have work to do. I get bored with prepping many of the same meals weekly, so I need to learn more recipes in 2021.

Lastly, I plan to focus on personal spiritual growth by getting out of my comfort zone, doing new things and spending time with loved ones.

I’ve always wanted to go skydiving, but have never mustered the courage to actually make a plan to go. I want 2021 to be the year I make that plan.

I’m planting a garden this year, even though I’ve never done it before. I see a substantial value in being able to watch your food grow. Hopefully, I can learn enough in the next few years to someday impart this skill to my children.

Most importantly, I’m making it a priority to spend more time with my loved ones and good friends in 2021. If 2020 taught me anything, life is short.

I lost an aunt early in 2020. It was a total shock to my family.

It hurts knowing I could have spent more time with her in her final years. I don’t want to have this regret with other family members.

I realize it is so important to make sure your loved ones know you care. I’d encourage you to reach out to those you love, even those you may not be as close to as you once were.

In closing, I will leave readers with the question, how will you grow in 2021?

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