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With each new year come new resolutions for many of us. While many of us often resolve — and often fail — to eat better, get more sleep and exercise, how about making a resolution we can actually stick with?

The Indiana General Assembly is well on its way to adopting new state legislative and U.S. congressional district maps. In doing so, it will reinforce the Republican Party’s dominance in state politics for another 10 years.

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Horrific stories came out of Afghanistan in the past couple of weeks as U.S. forces worked to withdraw from a country where they had been at war for 20 years. On Aug. 23, pictures taken at the airport in Kabul showed people desperate to flee Taliban rule falling to their deaths as they clung…

There really is more than corn in Indiana. The row crop remains among the Hoosier State’s top farm products along with soybeans, but Indiana’s agriculture is more diverse than you might realize.

The Indiana Supreme Court is seeking comments on a rule change allowing for the posting of public notices on its own website rather than in local newspapers.

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When Ann Jarvis died on May 9, 1905, her daughter, Anna Reeves Jarvis, began a campaign to honor her mother as a way of celebrating all moms as a group.

The coronavirus pandemic cast a heavy shadow over policy debates during the 2021 legislative session. Public health, education, budgeting — all areas of Indiana government felt the urgency of dealing with an unpredictable crisis as well as preparing for what havoc it may wreak in the future.

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