Indiana Sen. Mike Braun won his Senate seat in 2018 on the simple platform of supporting President Donald Trump at every turn. He has done that, so it should come as no surprise that he is publicly supporting the defeated president's efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

That does not allow him to escape the profound disappointment and dismay from those who find little to like in his latest step to abandon his oath of office by trying to give credence to a shameful attempt to thwart the will of the people of this country and cast doubt on the legitimacy of election results.

Braun joined 11 other Republican U.S. senators in declaring their intent to vote today against accepting the certified electoral votes of six states, each of which President-elect Joe Biden won. A number of GOP House members also declared their opposition, including Reps. Jim Banks and Jackie Walorski from northern Indiana.

Today's vote in the U.S. Congress is a standard constitutional exercise which these Republicans will use as an opportunity to show loyalty to President Donald Trump. In appeasing Trump and his refusal to accept the outcome of an election he clearly lost, Braun and his cohorts are soiling the Constitution in the name of a flimsy protest against alleged voter fraud in the targeted states.

Other than bowing to Trump's pouty madness, Braun is accomplishing nothing for the good of the country. And he knows it.

Last month, after Electoral College votes were certified, Braun said: "Today, the Electoral College has cast their votes and selected Joe Biden as the president-elect."

He acknowledged in his statement that state legislatures, state courts, and the United States Supreme Court had not found enough evidence of voter fraud to overturn the results of the Electoral College vote.

He should be reminded that former Attorney General William Barr also found no evidence of voter fraud, nor did Chris Krebs, former director of cybersecurity in the Department of Homeland Security. Elected state officials, including Republican governors, have vouched for the elections in their states.

None of that seems to matter to Braun now. He has a president to appease.

It is noteworthy that a majority of Republicans in the Senate have yet to join the efforts of Braun and his allies. Among those is Braun's fellow Hoosier, Sen. Todd Young. Hopefully that will blunt the embarrassment Braun is bringing down on his state.

Braun, however, seems in no mood to listen to reason. That's something Hoosiers should make him regret.

- The Star-Tribune (Terre Haute)

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