The sad case of the death of Westport’s Roy Jimmy Jones leaves no one with a sense of happiness.

Matthew Springer will serve, basically, a year in jail. He failed to stop after he admittedly struck and killed Jones and fled the scene, eventually concocting a story of how his vehicle was damaged before coming clean.

He may serve that time here in Decatur County, possibly on work release. He was also ordered to complete alcohol counseling. He admitted he had purchased and consumed beer prior to the accident and was on probation at the time for furnishing alcohol to a minor.

The judge took into account this was indeed an accident. The crime was fleeing, making up the coverup and, the admitted alcohol use by the driver. The prosecutor and probation department had requested a four-year sentence.

This case seems to cry for mandatory sentencing. Perhaps, if mandatory sentencing were in place for a crime which results in a death, and/or one in which alcohol is a contributing factor, there would less a sense of a deal being struck and some comfort to the survivors.

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