Laura Welborn

Laura Welborn

Thank you for your patience during these tumultuous times that required recent changes to the Greensburg Daily News.

One day the world is normal, the next it is not. You are wearing face masks, you are working from home and attempting to teach your kids new math that you don’t understand. And you have a new respect for their teachers.

There is no sign of a quick economic recovery on the horizon from Covid-19, though we are as committed as ever, and hoping for brighter days ahead. We are here to provide news you care about. It is my hope you will invite us into your home three days a week to keep current with what’s happening in your community, to hold local governments accountable, and to take advantage of the specials that our local businesses advertise.

Daily News readers were surprised in mid-April when we reduced our printing cycle to three days a week. We had planned on a rate increase this spring, but with the pandemic, we dropped that plan. The good news is many subscribers activated their digital accounts and found they liked accessing updated news and sports throughout the day, including the days we do not print the paper.

Sadly, due to the pandemic, newspapers across Indiana and the country are making hard decision. Advertising sales plunged as doors to locally owned and other businesses closed. The Rushville Republican and Batesville Herald-Tribune were fortunate. They were able to merge with the Greensburg Daily News, which now provides coverage of their communities.

We scrambled to come up with a content plan for Tuesday’s first merged Daily News. After critiquing it, we decided we could make improvements such as an all-local news front page. The next paper looked better, and subsequent papers will continue to improve. Starting June 1, we will introduce color comics. Rushville and Batesville didn’t print comics at all.

This is an evolving process, so please send me your ideas to make the Daily News useful to you.

Rushville and Batesville readers expected to receive a sample copy of the Daily News on Tuesday, May 19. Some of you received it, some of you didn’t. There was a glitch with our printer and our mailing labels. So, we tried again Thursday, May 21. But some of you received two papers, some of you didn’t. We’re determined to get this sample copy system right. I’ve personally delivered several papers and will continue doing so until we get it right.

So now we’ve made it through the first week of the mergers and we’re still standing. We’re tired; we’ve had over 1,000 phone calls and emails, and had 263 subscribers of the Rushville Republican and Herald-Tribune convert to the Daily News three days a week.

We want you to be happy and satisfied customers no matter how much hard work we need to do.

Thank you for your support. Stay safe and stay strong.

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