A letter to local REMC members

Dear Editor:

It is time, once again, for the annual election of Directors. This year we will be voting on director positions in Districts 3, 4, and 7. We continue to strive for transparency, fiscal responsibility, and fair rates for all members.

When voting this year, please keep this information in mind:

• The Decatur County REMC is a cooperative business; it is owned and controlled by the people (member/owners) who use its services.

• The cooperative functions for the benefit of the members.

• Directors should be honest and fair individuals who make informed decisions based on the best interest of the membership they are serving.

• Directors should be good stewards of the assets and resources of the Decatur County REMC.

We (member/owners) put our trust in the Directors to operate this cooperative business with fairness and fiscal responsibility. One major concern is the amount of debt the DCREMC continues to maintain. Currently, our REMC carries a debt that exceeds $17 million dollars; the annual interest on this debt is approximately $850,000.

According to the minutes of the July 2019 meeting (7/25/19), the board decided to borrow money by a vote of 4 to 3. There was no specified need or use for this money at that time. The three members opposing the motion to borrow money were Suzanne Parmer, Carl Riedeman, and Jeff Lawrence. We commend these three directors for exercising good judgement and trying to uphold fiscal responsibility.

We continue to support and promote individuals that will serve the membership of the DCREMC with accountability, responsibility, and transparency. This year, we encourage you to vote for the following candidates:

Mark Ertel - District 7

Jeff Lawrence - District 3

Steve Stagge - District 4


Concerned members of DCREMC

Jay Hatton Marvin Narwold Kenny Peters Paul Riedeman Gordon Smiley

Thank you, public service workers

Dear Editor:

Countless Hoosier heroes are answering the call to keep us all safe and healthy. Health care workers, emergency responders, law enforcement, correctional professionals and many others are bravely helping Indiana manage this on-going public health emergency. As part of Public Service Recognition Week, we thank our public service workers for their dedication and selflessness.

Each year in early May we honor these workers, and now it’s especially important to recognize those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many put their own health at risk to care for others. From long shifts away from family while working with patients to going out every day to keep our homes safe, there are thousands of Hoosiers who continuously make sacrifices for our communities, and they deserve recognition.

As Indiana gets back on track and coronavirus-related restrictions are eased for Hoosiers and businesses, let us continue to support these and all workers by following social distancing guidelines and the recommendation to wear face masks in public. We can continue limiting the spread to help all front-line workers.

Remember, we are all in this together. Thank you, public service workers, for everything you have done during this challenging time, and for serving our communities.

State Rep. Randy Frye, R-Greensburg, House District 67

Results of newspaper declineDear Editor:

In John Krull’s column in Thursday’s Greensburg Daily News, which discussed the gradual disappearance of print newspapers, I particularly noted the following two paragraphs:

“Many studies now show that the decline of newspapers has produced a corresponding decline in civic participation and basic understanding of our communities, state and country. We simply know less about the world around us than we did when newspapers were a thriving concern.

“Worse, these studies show that , even as we know and understand less, we have become more strident and rigid regarding our beliefs and affiliations. In other words, as newspapers die, we have become more and more confident

in our ignorance.”

There is a world of truth in those few words and I strongly commend Krull for writing them.

Stay safe.

Norm Voiles, Rural Rushville

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