Dear Editor:

The following will probably elicit many irate responses from outraged citizens, but so be it. Some things just need to be said (written). And outrage seems to be the default mental state for many people these days.

I've written recently that the Democrats are once again doing what they do best, i.e., forming a circular firing squad.

The more radical left wing of the party seems to be defiantly determined to antagonize and alienate a large cohort of the American citizenry.

These far, far leftists are hell-bent on beating the drums of racism, migration, LGBTQ and other highly controversial subjects. This incessant fixation on these subjects is serving to turn off large segments of regular Democrats and moderates/centrists.

The careless and history-blind usage of such terms as "concentration camp" or depicting the U.S. Border Patrol as being the reincarnation of Nazi death camp guards is unbelievably dumb and not at all well thought out.

The electronic media have jumped on this inter-left squabble with unabashed glee and are playing it to the hilt. It's a rare news or entertainment show now being aired that isn't about race, gays or immigrants.

The more moderate among us mildly accepted the coverage of these subjects until it became a never-ending onslaught.

I believe the moderate Democrats (yes, I believe there must still be a few) are letting the radical left wing take them down the path to defeat. The result may be that while disenchanted voters won't switch to Trump, they may just not vote at all--which is the same as a vote for Trump.

Most readers know my political history. I started life as a Democrat during the glory days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. As time went on and I became more involved in business, I gradually drifted over to the GOP side. Of late I have found myself being pushed back the other way by the antics of President Trump.

Now, since the ultra-liberalization of the Democrat Party and the nuttiness of the Trump GOP, I find myself truly a citizen without a preferred party affiliation.

It's not a comfortable or pleasant place in which a patriotic old American now finds himself. I don't see the situation correcting itself anytime soon, but where there's life there's hope--or so they say.

Norman D. Voiles

Publisher, Retired

Rural Rushville

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