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without a causeDear Editor:

In the September 24, 2020 edition of The Daily News an article titled “Durant Changing Political Parties” was run. I wish to express my thoughts concerning some of the comments and assertions that Mr. Durant made in the article.

Before I begin, I would like to state that I don’t know Mr. Durant and had never heard of him prior to his becoming Sheriff of Decatur County.

I would like to further state that I am not a Democrat or Republican. Prior to the era of Newt Gingrich, I was an Independent voter and party affiliation meant little or nothing to me. Unfortunately, since Gingrich, I have found it to be very difficult to support the Republicans. Even worse, the presidency of Donald Trump and his sycophants (especially Pence) has brought great concern to the very existence of our democracy. Let there be no doubt, Trump is now the Republican Party and those Republicans that dare defy his wishes will suffer his wrath. They know this and he scares the hell out of them, thus they do as they are told.

Mr. Durant’s comments:

“I am a man of God”

I am sure that Mr. Durant’s decision to switch political party’s was an important one and as such he might have prayed to God for guidance. If he did so I am sure that God may have counseled him by reminding him that Mr. Trump has a long history of narcissism, litany of lying, totally self-absorbed, self-serving, racist, terrible treatment of women, admiration of men of evil, loves only himself. God would have told him that Mr. Trump is void of conscience and breaks all of the tenants of the Christian religion.

“I’m pro-law enforcement”

There is no argument here. All officers of law enforcement are obligated by law to the enforcement of the laws that we all are bound to. Do you know some that don’t enforce our laws? If so, please name some with supporting evidence.

“I am pro-second amendment”

Second-Amendment: “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” My how that has changed since the ratification (December 15, 1791) of the second amendment. When Mr. Durant states that he is pro-second amendment the first thing that comes to my mind is the AR-15 and similar semi-automatic rifles. I picture a group of “toy” soldiers marching with their AR-15’s in hand to protect people from those elements that they perceive a danger to the United States and their second-amendment rights. A tragic example of this happened recently in Kenosha, Wisconsin. A seventeen-year-old kid (Kyle Rittenhouse) shot and killed two young men with his semi-automatic rifle. He ended the lives of two people and is now charged with suspicion of first-degree intentional homicide. This young man was indoctrinated by someone, or group, emphasizing second amendment rights. He killed two people and destroyed his own life. I’ve never heard one negative word from President Trump about these groups that carry around their second amendment rights through the use of semi-automatic self-anointed justice.

Mr. Durant, I believe the vast majority of law-enforcement officers throughout our country doesn’t want semi-automatic rifles as part of second amendment rights.

“I watch our major cities burn, cities like Indianapolis where I served for decades, and the common thread is that Democrat elected officials and activists continue to turn their backs on the rule of law and embrace those who threaten our foundational institutions.”

That’s quite a comment. Would you care to name some Democrats and activist that partook of closing their eyes when laws were being broken? I don’t think you probably will because you can’t. If you can why haven’t you brought that information to the proper authorities? There are peaceful protest and thank goodness our citizens have the right to do so. For those who go beyond peaceful protest and descend into looting, burning, and physical harm to people then the law must be firmly enforced for they have no legal or moral basis to do so. I have never heard of anyone in politics, be it Democrat or Republican, who supports that sort of law-breaking violence.

The lawman cites nearly 40 years of law enforcement experience as laying the foundation for his conservatism, though he strives to perform his job in a nonpartisan way.

Being the position that he is in, Mr. Durant can’t strive to perform his job in a nonpartisan way, he must perform his job in a nonpartisan way. If he doesn’t then he is not doing his job.

Let me tell you a little made-up story. A man goes to a swimming pool, he gets on the diving board, he makes a beautiful dive, as he descends he makes a terrible discovery, there is no water in the pool. This turns out to be a disaster. When making a switch, Mr. Durant, you might want to look before you leap.

John Vanderbur, Greensburg

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