Dear Editor:

During the last four years, the pro-life movement has made good progress in protecting preborn children and their parents. Unfortunately, the next administration is rabidly pro-abortion/pro-death, so many more preborn babies will pay with their lives. Many mothers and fathers will suffer regrets, guilt, and physical and emotional problems. Our tax dollars will be used to pay for this evil of abortion.

But we, who are pro-life, have been through tough political times before. We don't quit! We will persevere until each human being’s life is respected and protected from conception to natural death. Our faith is not in men or political parties. Our faith is in Almighty God, the creator of Heaven and Earth. May God bless our efforts as we work and pray for an end to abortion and all attacks on human life.

Right to Life of SE IN

Mary Jean Wessel, Pres.

Milan, Ind.

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