Dear Editor:

Why is Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson ignoring the safety of Hoosier voters?

All Indianapolis voters are being mailed a Primary Election absentee ballot application.

How can Indianapolis, with all of its big-city troubles, find enough money to make sure that all of its voters can vote?

It’s just not fair that all Hoosier voters throughout the State don’t get the same treatment. Secretary Lawson isn’t being the leader we need; she is not standing up for us. And where are our local leaders from around the State in all of this? Perfectly quiet. This is unacceptable.

Voting in person won’t be safe by the June 2nd Primary Election. And it may not be safe by November. Voting by mail will keep us all safer.

We need to tell Secretary Lawson to do what’s right. Get us all ballot applications. Let us vote.

Barbara Tully


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