Dear Editor:

I am not writing to criticize or cast blame. I've tried that, and it just exacerbates the problem. I am writing as a nonpartisan patriot to express a humble plea that you two Senators use the power of your office to take nonpartisan patriotic action to pull America back from the looming abyss.

I won't list the many, varied, very imminent, existential threats we face. We all know what they are. My family is crushed, terrified and heartbroken by America's sad plight.

David Gergen, a nonpartisan observer who served two Republican Presidents express our despair pretty well in this op/ed:

I ask that you two US Senators read Gergen's op/ed and I appeal to your sense of truth, duty, dignity, honor, and patriotism in asking you to act to try to save America.

Ron Nesler

New Harmony, Indiana

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