Dear Editor:

I read with sadness about Debbie Blank's retirement as editor of the Herald Tribune. There are some people who truly make a difference in their communities and Debbie was one of those. Her journalism expertise was amazing and she was one big reason that led the Herald to earn awards and recognition. The whole community is indebted to Debbie for bringing integrity and excellence to our local newspaper.

Debbie saw the need for recognition of many outstanding programs and people, and set a wonderful positive tone in our community. She always found a way to let the community know about all the uplifting things going on in Batesville and surrounding areas. I especially appreciated her coverage of the Batesville Area Arts Council (RAA) and the amazing cutting-edge arts programs we have in our Batesville schools.

Debbie Blank will truly be missed. I thank her for all her contributions over the years to making our community a great place to live. She has had a tremendous impact on all of us.

Jolene Rockwood


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