Dear Editor:

President Biden is playing a very dangerous game in deliberately provoking the Russian bear.

I believe the President is doing this in an attempt to sweeten his relationship with the American Right Wing who see him as old and weak.

I think that with the 2024 elections looming ever nearer, it’s an act of political desperation with possibly serious consequences.

The U.S.’s active support of Ukraine is a subject worthy of discussion and disagreement, pro and con. Many people may honestly feel that the Russia/Ukraine conflict is essentially a Civil War and that Ukraine is really a part of Russia; others, of equally sincere belief, may view Russia as a bully trying to subjugate Ukraine and make it an indivisible part of Russia.

Regardless, our president’s recent actions vis-a-vis Ukraine are obviously intended to throw down the gauntlet to Russia.

I don’t think Mr. Putin would be foolish enough to start a war with the United States, a war which would have no winners, but he can take various measures which would put us back into an era similar to the Cold War, which cost us countless billions and lasted for some 45 years.

So, President Biden, I believe that in the hope of gaining some support from the American Right Wing, which you won’t get anyway, you may have made a blunder of historic proportions.

Time will tell....and I hope I’m all wrong.

Norman D. Voiles, Rural Rushville

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