Dear Editor:

I have an important message for all property owners in Decatur County and specifically in Washington Township.

The township trustee has proposed a $1.8 million bond to fund spending plans at Lake McCoy, purchase an office building, and improve two cemeteries. A major source of funds for trustee spending is property taxes. It is hard to imagine that an increase in our property taxes will not be needed if this proposal is approved.

I admit to having limited knowledge of the duties of the township trustee. I have learned that the three principal duties are fire protection, poor relief, and cemetery maintenance and have serious questions about how the proposed bond matches up with these duties.

Does it seem odd that the township purchased 16 lots at Lake McCoy in September 2020? A portion of the bond funds are to cover an engineering study, office property demolition and driveway repair in this area.

Which of the principal duties does this satisfy?

Other questions are raised about the need for the trustee to own office space rather than renting an area or using existing county-owned spaces.

There is a meeting of the Washington Township Trustee and board on Tuesday, December 7 at 2 p.m. in Room 109 of the Courthouse.

Per meeting minutes there are typically none or few citizens in attendance. A notable exception was the meeting held August 24, 2021, which drew newspaper coverage and over 60 citizens. A result of this meeting was to table the bond request and appoint a task force to research the issues and make a recommendation concerning Lake McCoy at the December 7 meeting.

Property tax payers may want to contact one or more of the following individuals for information and to voice opinions. Please also consider attending the December meeting. While there may be good reasons for these projects, it appears to be well outside of the duties of any trustee office.

Christian Rust, Washington Township Trustee

Board members Edward Dwenger, James G. Stewart, Joni Moore

Task force members Chuck Emsweller, Danny Peters, Rick Nobbe, Bryan Robbins, Phil Deiwert, Glenn Wiehe and Jim Stewart


Debbie Greiwe


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