My Fellow Citizens,

When our campaign website was launched Dec. 1, I made the commitment to be an elected official that listens to you.  It is a valuable lesson that I learned in my twelve years of public service for President George W. Bush and Senator Richard Lugar.

On December 6th and 14th; our current State Representative, Randy Frye, hosted meetings to hear from local leaders and citizens.  I am glad we share the belief that a vital key to effective leadership is giving citizens the opportunity to voice their concerns and ideas.

This past weekend, I received in the mail a Legislative Survey from State Representative Frye.  With the upcoming session of the General Assembly quickly approaching, I ask you to please respond to the survey and support his efforts.  Many critical issues will be debated during the State Legislative session. Our voices must be heard.  Together, with elected officials like Randy Frye, we will make a difference!

You may also fill out the survey at:

When State Representative Frye releases the data from this survey, we want the results to demonstrate that we value this opportunity to participate in the legislative process.

Thank you,

Bob White


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