Just a few words about the project east of Greensburg. I don’t believe life will ever be the same if you are for or against this project. I realize it is most difficult to move, especially when you never in your life planned to.

It is also most difficult to handle a tornado that takes all of your worldly possessions in less than two minutes. It is also hard to handle losing your helpmate or a child. Life has so many challenges! But this move, people will be rewarded very well. I don’t know who the people are that have interest in this project, but I do know they must really be great. I can now understand why they don’t want to disclose their identity. If they did EVERY county in Indiana and other states would be beating on their door. They tell us they are a household name, that is good enough for me.

We know they cannot be affiliated with the auto industry or Ag industry, they would want to be paid up front to come here. I truly believe this could be the greatest thing that ever took place in this part of the country. I can understand, maybe, why some would not accept their offer, but I doubt if their children or grandchildren could ever accept. Especially if this takes place in or near by county.

This property is four to six miles east of Greensburg with no zoning, no water, no sewage, but whom ever tossed the dart said this is where we would like to be.

This has got to be the greatest opportunity this county will ever have to really move forward. I am 78 years old and if I live to be 178, I would never see a better proposal.

Let’s deal and get on with our lives.

Thank you,

John Peters

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