Dear Editor,

Some time has passed since my letter about the food bank shortage has appeared in the paper. Since that time, many people have come together to help make the holiday merry for some needy people here in Decatur County.

I hope I don't leave anyone out, there are so many people who helped. O'Mara's donated turkeys to Human Services to give to needy families at Thanksgiving. Bill Hatfield at Eckrich was wonderful, he donated hams, turkey roasts, and smoked sausage for Christmas. John Hunt, the manager at Harvest Market is giving bread, rolls and buns on a regular basis to the food pantries. GECOM is donating any surplus turkeys they have from their Christmas giveaway to Human Services. The folks at Huber's are helping by giving to the Bread of Life kitchen regularly. Many thanks go to Roberta Mock and Keith Hipskind for putting on a food drive at a boys’ ballgame. In exchange for a canned item, sports fans got a free popcorn, this resulted in a pick-up truck load of food for the hungry. The fans from Batesville were also very giving that night, thanks to their school for promoting our drive. Thanks to my husband, Jr, and my son, Connor, for their strong backs that night! Debbie Scudder and I had a food drive at our employer, STI, and it was a big success. Debbie and I work with generous, caring people who saw the need and tried to fill it. When we started the food drive we weren't really aware I don't think, how big the problem was in this county. But, once we got into it, it really became apparent that this is an ongoing problem that won't go away after the holidays are over. There are many wonderful people who try to help those in need as best they can, but you can tell that it goes beyond a job for them it truly is a calling.

The staff at Human Services go above and beyond their job description to help feed people who are hungry. They stay after hours to make up baskets of food for the holidays, they are always on the lookout for ways to get more food in the pantry, and supplies are always low. The Ark food pantry is run by Carolyn Williams, pastor of the Free Methodist Church. When Human Services is out of food or can't help for whatever reason, this is who they send them to. Carolyn and her congregation are on a mission to try to help people who fall through the cracks and get missed by other social agencies. The Bread of Life kitchen takes meal to shut-ins and provides a truly needed service to this community. All these people and agencies could use our help, I hope the spirit of giving carries on long after the holidays are over.

This is a wonderful, caring community full of people who care about each other. I consider myself lucky to be a part of it, and Debbie and I will continue to do our part to help.

Thank you

Polly Wheeler

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