Dear Editor:

I get it. People don’t want to have to wear masks or get the vaccine. Many also don’t want speed limits on freeways, safety inspections for cars, or parking citations.

People don’t like taxes on gasoline, labels on food, or restrictions on guns, sex, and gambling. People want to be able to smoke on airplanes and in restaurants.

Folks don’t want to have to get drivers licenses, business licenses, marriage licenses or licenses to practice medicine. Business people don’t want any curbs on interest charged for loans, or on monopoly practices.

People hate property taxes on their homes once their kids have graduated from school. Many people want voluntary rather than compulsory education, personal control of the curriculum, and easing of labor laws for children.

People dislike putting up with water use and land use restrictions, and building codes. Speaking of land, folks hate to have to get a passport to travel, or pay respect to immigration laws. Much easier to just cross the river.

A whole lot of people would rather just grab something that delights their eyes, rather than have to pay for it.

Face it, millions of people seriously are convinced they should get all the benefits of being an American without having to play their part in providing for the peace and security, safety and health of their neighbors.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah

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