Greensburg is one friendly place!

Dear Editor:

We stopped in Greensburg to spend the night after an early morning flight from Denver to Chicago and then heading home by car to North Carolina.

We stayed at a hotel near the interstate, and even though we were really tired we decided to find a place to eat. Chili’s restaurant was close to us so in we went.

We ended up sitting at the bar and ordered an adult beverage, which we split between us; that usually satisfies our needs.

During our meal, which was delicious, the waitress approached and said someone there had purchased another beverage for us!

Wow, was that a nice surprise!

We were not able to learn who our benefactor was in order to thank them.

But then the biggest surprise came when we went to pay for our meal, we were informed that someone else had paid for us!

Words cannot express our gratitude, but most importantly the feeling that we were in the heartland of America and there such warm people in Greensburg.

Our thanks again to whoever purchased our beverage and meal.

God bless the people of Greensburg, Indiana!

Richard Maxey, Clemmons, North Carolina

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