Grooming, sexualizing and trafficking kids

Dear Editor:

We are living in a “super sexualized” culture. During their most vulnerable formative years, our children are being targeted for profit.

According to the Indiana Trafficking Victims Assistance Program (ITVAP) presented at the Greensburg Library, human trafficking victims are exploited for purposes of commercial sex and forced labor.

Do you know the “red flags” to look for? Physical injuries, signs of abuse, carries multiple hotel keys, cell phones, or poker chips, has excessive amounts of cash, has goods or services they cannot afford like expensive shoes, jewelry or manicures.

Sex trafficking does not require the movement of a person from one place or another. Trafficking can occur in any town, victimizing any age.

Grooming efforts can last up to six months, wooing youth longing for attention. Background checks are no longer enough. Parents must reset their protection boundaries to match the escalating strategies for this lucrative industry.

I am not at liberty to use the explicit profane language our kids are exposed to in public instruction or on the library displays because I would be censored. Ironically, Indiana is one of 44 states that has an “OBSCENITY EXEMPTION STATUTE” that allows the public schools and the public libraries to use obscenities under the umbrella of “education and instruction.” Experts like Dr Judith Reisman, author of “Stolen Innocence,” states adults exposing children to the same obscenities would be censored and possibly prosecuted.

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Heidi Pezdek, Rushville

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