Dear Editor:

Leadership matters. I think we can all agree on that, whether we're talking about our country, our state, or towns. Representation matters. It matters at the county, state, and national levels. When we take the time to elect officials, they don't work for lobbyists or special interest groups. They shouldn't be taking the role for an "easy job" where they only work a handful of days out of the year. They work for us, the constituents. When they aren't in the statehouse, they need to be listening, learning, and growing.

I don't take voting lightly. And I really don't take the public endorsement of a candidate lightly either. I've done in-depth research on each of the candidates we have to choose from for District 54, and that is why my vote will be for Betsy Mills.

Here's the thing about Betsy: Even before she decided to run for this office, she was active in our community. She didn't just pop out of nowhere and decide to become an active part of this region. I have witnessed Betsy support local entrepreneurs, area economic growth efforts, and projects designed to improve where we live. Betsy worked remotely before that was "a thing" during the pandemic. She could choose to live anywhere in the world, but she chooses to live here, in Henry County, on her family's farm, supporting the community that raised her. I admire her tremendously for that choice. When so many with her skill set would opt to live somewhere "bigger," Betsy chose Henry County.

That's one reason, when it comes time to vote in May, I'm choosing Betsy to represent our area. What are some other key factors in my support of Betsy?

-Betsy cares about education. All of us who are familiar with what's been happening at the statehouse know how important it is to have a TRUE education advocate representing us.

-Betsy understands the needs of businesses. She has been endorsed by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. As a business owner, I recognize the need for a common-sense representative to make sure I'm not taxed out of operation.

-Betsy Mills makes sense. If you take the time to talk with this incredible candidate, you can't help but be impressed. She authentically cares, she is remarkably intelligent, and she knows what it takes to get the job done and represent District 54.

Before I sign off, I want to encourage you to DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Ask questions of the candidates. Ask questions of people who have WORKED and LIVED around the candidates. Your vote matters!

Christy Ragle

New Castle resident and business owner

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