It’s time to change abortion law

Dear Editor,

What will our kids and grandkids think of us 50-plus years from now? Will they look back and see how, on one hand, we cuddled and cooed over cute little babies, while on the other hand we tore them apart in the womb? Will they call out this generation for its very inconsistent view on the worth of children?

Common sense should tell us that each person is invaluable, a one-of-a-kind treasure. A person’s worth should not be dependent on whether that person is wanted by someone else or not.

We have become so barbaric that our U.S. House of Representatives will not even agree to save a child that is born alive after an abortion. Just a few years ago, that would have been a no-brainer. Of course, you save the child who is alive and crying in front of you. Not anymore.

Eighty times in the past year the Democrats in the U.S. House have prevented a vote from taking place that would give these precious infants born alive after an abortion the same care given to any baby born at the same gestational age. It is time to quit playing politics with people’s lives.

We look back at olden times, and say, “How could those people have allowed child sacrifice? How barbaric!” But we, in our willful blindness, don’t see that we are doing the same thing to babies, only earlier in their lives. Our children die on the altars of convenience. We are the new barbarians!

It’s way past time to change this. How? Pray; speak up to those around you; let your elected officials know where you stand; and quit voting for politicians who think that killing innocent, preborn babies is a good thing! Let’s all work together to bring back a more civilized nation.

St. Louis Respect Life Committee and Right to Life of Southeastern Indiana

Jerry Ollier and Mary Jean Wessel, co-chairs

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