REMC election is serious matter

Dear Editor,

As a current director of Decatur County REMC, I would like to encourage members of the cooperative to become involved and take the time to make informed decisions before voting.

There have been half-truths and manipulations of the facts published and distributed throughout the county. Decatur County REMC is being managed and operated by a highly qualified, well-trained, and dedicated staff that are committed to “keeping your lights on.”

The cooperative of Decatur County REMC is not a joke, this is not a game. People’s livelihoods, even lives, depend on the operation of DCREMC. Our community and its residents deserve a safe and reliable distribution of electricity.

It’s time for the membership of DCREMC to vote and ensure their best interests are being represented, not just the interests of a handful of individuals.

Jason W. Barnhorst, Director of Decatur County REMC