Immersing ourselves in the community

Dear Editor,

Decatur County REMC is embarking on a future vision and a strategic plan to guide our future.

We believe that by partnering together we can develop strategies and future solutions that positively impact everyone – our employees, members and communities.

In an unprecedented approach, we recently hosted virtual events with members, community leaders including the Mayor Josh Marsh and various county officials, realtors, local media, economic development, chamber, and tourism leaders, area first-responders, township trustees, and area school superintendents to gather feedback and ideas.

Immersing ourselves in the community and learning from our stakeholders positions us to make the best decisions for our cooperative’s future.

I would like to personally thank all those that participated. Your time is valuable and I appreciate your feedback. I also encourage anyone with questions or feedback to reach out to us – or 812-663-3391.


Brett Abplanalp, CEO, Decatur County REMC

Decatur County, DO YOU CARE!?!?

Dear Editor,

1.) Do you care that Dec. Co. has one of the highest cancer death rates in the state of Indiana?

2.) Do you care that we have a very high rate of Auto Immune diseases?

3.) Do you care that articles are put into our landfill every day that contain a chemical called PFAS that does not degrade and is called a forever chemical?

4.) Do you care that PFAS causes Cancer, auto-immune and reproductive problems?

5.) Do you care that PFAS never goes away from our water, soil, crops, food supplies and our body?

6.) Do you care that the landfill takes in 75% from outside of our county vastly increasing the amount of this chemical / leachate that we have to deal with?

7.) Do you care about the increased traffic and wear and tear on our roads BECAUSE 75% of what goes into our landfill comes from out of County?

IF YOU CARE......Mark your calendars ! Come to the next County Board of Zoning Appeals meeting on Wednesday, March 3 at 6:30 p.m. at the Decatur County Emergency Management Meeting Room at 315 South Ireland St. Greensburg, IN and object to the expansion of this landfill.

Stand at the podium, state your name, and say I care about Decatur County and I object to this landfill expansion.

Jean Johannigman, Greensburg, IN

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