Dear Editor:

It is usually pointless to “respond to a response,” but I feel compelled to do so in this instance. The critique of my letter “Why an assault rifle in the home?,” by Mr. Ronald Hassler, is so poorly written as to be not worthy of note, but I will respond anyway.

Mr. Ronald Hassler’s response to the key question in my letter and indeed the headline above my letter, is as follows:

“He (meaning me) asks, ‘Why did the man own such a weapon?’ Answer: Because it is legal to own, and what was its purpose? Answer: None of your business.”

I contend that neither of Mr. Hassler’s “Answers” make sense to any thinking person.

I imagine there are many, many items that are “legal to own,” but have no proper place or use in a normal household. The “None of your business” answer is used because the respondent can’t come up with a valid answer to my original question.

I appreciate thoughtful responses to anything I say or write. “Thoughtful” is the key word in that sentence.

Mr. Hassler also complains that I “quickly turned his (my) attention from the incident itself to the firearm used.” Perhaps I need to clarify even further that the intent of the letter was not to make further and painful comment regarding the dead child, but was, indeed, a comment upon the weapon used. At least Mr. Hassler got that part right.

Mr. Hassler claims to have “many friends who collect military weapons...None of them is planning to bring down the government.” I reply, “I don’t imagine any of your friends are “planning” to have one of their children killed with their “historic” weapon either.

Bad stuff happens--why deliberately increase the odds for disastrous events when there is no genuine or sensible reason for doing so?” And, the gun owner whose child was killed demonstrated gross ineptitude in handling a deadly weapon and had no business possessing one.

Grown men need to stop playing soldier and dreaming of firing a barrage of bullets--at what: perhaps a rabbit...a squirrel...a pheasant...a duck...a deer...a person?

The question posed in my original letter still stands--and still remains unanswered.

Best regards,

Norm Voiles

Rural Rushville, Indiana

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