Dear Editor,

In today's Greensburg Daily News of 8/20/19 there is an article on the unemployment numbers throughout the state.

Lo and behold, Greensburg has a 2.9 % unemployment rate. That is absolutely great for that is considered virtually no unemployment because those who want to be employed are employed.

Guess who else matched our low unemployment rate?

Rush County also had a 2.9 percent unemployment. Rush County accomplished this rate with no bypass and Greensburg accomplished this rate with no airport expansion.

Shelby County, on the other hand, had a 3.2 unemployment rate and that is with an airport that is already expanded to the size they are proposing here!

Since no return on investment has been performed on this airport expansion and no projection of the costs to operate this facility have been done, tell me again why we need this airport expansion for economic development?

Jean Johannigman

Greensburg, Indiana

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