Dear Editor:

Recently, Ukrainian President Zelensky issued a list of conditions for peace with Russia.

I suggest two other items for the list. Here they are.

That Ukraine should control Russian state media for as many days as Russia attacked and warred against Ukraine.

If the war goes on for 700 days, Ukraine should control Russian state media for 700 days. In that period, Ukraine should air nothing but stories of how terribly brutish Russia and Russians were against Ukraine. Let the Russians learn the truth that Putin and his supporters never would tell them.

That Russia pays with its oil money to rebuild Ukraine and pay the relatives and communities of Ukrainian civilians and military personnel who died or were wounded at the hands of Russia.

Make Russia pay to compensate Ukrainians who lost homes and property taken or destroyed by Russians. Make Russia pay so much that it will hurt the country and the people so that they never will forget the greed and sins of Putin and his supporters.

Woodrow Wilcox

Dyer, Indiana

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