Dear Editor:

Our cancer death rate is one of the highest in the state of Indiana.

PFAS comes from basic household items put in our landfill every day. The leachate tainted PFAS is pumped to the city, treated and put on our soil and in gas creek. It ends up in the water, the soil, the crops and the food supply.

The EPA says PFAS is a problem. IDEM told us they have a committee studying it. A Purdue scientist just got $1 million grant to study it. The state has legislation pending and is studying it. No one knows what to do with it because it is considered a "forever chemical" and does not degrade. PFAS causes cancer, autoimmune problems and reproductive problems.

Knowing the above, why are we continuing to take 75% from out of county into our county landfill? Why are we continuing to pump that leachate into the city and spreading it on our soil and letting it run off into the water? Why are we expanding a landfill that is positioned where it is a threat to an aquifer that IS in that area and has been threatened before?

A lot of time was spent trying to convince us that the aquifer isn't there when it is. It sure seems with the above indications that time could have been much better spent.

There are several meetings coming up before this landfill expansion can be approved. Please attend and voice your concerns for the health of our community.

Jean Johannigman


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