Dear Editor:

Congratulations to Decatur County Right to Life (DCRL) for it's impressive anti-abortion demonstration along Lincoln Street on October third.

Would DCRL be interested in extending its activism to achieve:

1. stringent, meaningful "pro-life" gun control legislation so that their non-aborted children will live in a country free of commonplace shootings;

2. universal, taxpayer financed health coverage for all (e.g. ObamaCare) so that their non-aborted persons and their families can get medical care when they need it;

3. a guaranteed living minimum wage so that their non-aborted children and their progeny won't become statistics in a cycle of poverty;

4. policies and regulations to mitigate climate change so that their non-aborted children won't suffer the scientifically based predictions of food shortages, water shortages, deadly weather disasters and ecosystem collapse?

Or, is it enough to just outlaw abortion, and then look the other way?

The darlings of the anti-abortionists (Ziemke, Leising, Braun, Young, Pence, Trump to name just a few) are solidly opposed to all of the above. Question five: Are the DCRL's members and supporters willing to relentlessly pressure their representatives to get on board with the above, and to vote against those who don't comply?

Question six: How about publicly financed, effective, easily acquired birth control, including professional advice and instruction, to whomever wants it? Completely confidential. No questions asked. No age limit. No parental consent required.

These are not rhetorical questions. Write to the Greensburg Daily News with a simple, "yes" or "no" answer to all six.

Kenneth Baran


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