Dear Editor:

I experienced a variety of emotions as I read and re-read the letter to the editor from Mr. Baran printed Oct. 19, 2021.

He asked for reader response of a simple yes or not to six questions directed to all, but specifically to pro-life supporters. The questions covered gun control, taxpayer financed health coverage for al including birth control for minors, minimum wage standards and climate change. I ultimately realized that the emotion I was experiencing was great sadness.

Mr. Baran repeatedly referred to “their non-aborted children.” This confused me at first because obviously he and I and everyone able to read his letter are non-aborted and recipients of the gift of life. His point seems to be that those who stand up against abortion are now personally responsible for the lives that are saved and should be on board with all of his proposals.

I have a completely different view of the situation. I have read of civilizations that would sacrifice their children and/or virgins in hideous ceremonies to satisfy the demands of their gods. Sadly, this mirrors the actions that are publicized in our country including abortions performed by dismemberment or by burning alive with saline solution. Do not dismiss this statement lightly. If you are reading this you may also have read about the US Women’s Gymnastics team testimony about abuse by a team doctor against young girls. You may be aware of the “ME Too” movement when women spoke up about the abuse endured across all levels of society. You may also have read about the firing of an NFL football coach which included the charge of being misogynist. Please look up that term as I did.

Mr. Baran, the problems of our world will not go away by making more laws and throwing money at problems. Many of the powerful people in this country, and many not so powerful, have lost their way and publicly ridicule anyone with pro-life beliefs. Pro-live covers men, women and children as well as the unborn.

The solution to the problem is much more personal. It is simply but not easy. While you are looking up definitions, you might also look up the Gospel of Mathew. It is a road map of what is needed to make sure that everyone in our world is treated properly. I hope many will read it and then read it again and allow the ideas to take root in heart, mind and actions.

Debbie Greive


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