Dear Editor:

I would like to share my opinion about our upcoming election and my argument against socialism. This election is between socialism and democracy; I feel strongly that we need to better understand the goals of socialism. In so doing, we better memorize three words because they define it better than anything else: “confiscate and redistribute”! This governmental action will impact the greater majority of Americans who live anywhere above the poverty line. The Democratic party has repeatedly made the statement that they will “only raise taxes on big corporations and the wealthy, making over $400,000 a year”. If their budget calls for $6trillion and taxes raise only $4trillion, who do you think they will tax next to raise the other $2trillion?? Socialists want power and control; to get it they promise entitlements; and our hard-earned money will pay for them, it’s just that simple!

Have we ever given thought as to why there is such a disparity and not “total equality”, in the standard of living in this nation?? It’s because every individual, of every color, nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion has the freedom and liberty guaranteed by our founding documents, to chart our own course in our own lives. We are not told, or dictated to, by anyone, as to what we will do with, or NOT do with, our lives. It is precisely because of freedom and liberty that there is not “total equality”. Some people are lazy, are stupid, ignorant, arrogant, feel entitled; see themselves as a victim of something, by someone. I know of individuals who truly were victims, but they didn’t let that stop them from learning, educating themselves, working hard, keeping the commandments of God, working hard (intentional) and were able to build the phenomenal standard of living that like-minded people have built and given this nation!! Immigrants arrived from many nations with their skills, talents, recipes, tools, ambition, ingenuity, innovation, a positive work ethic, respect for the 10 Commandments, and a love for God.

To me it is mind boggling when I see the Democratic party embrace such a flawed and destructive path for our nation! The leaders of socialism could not care less about you or me; they want power and control. The “total equality” they talk about will be the very minimum of quality; there will be “total equality” all right, equal misery.

The most feared institutions in socialism are 1) traditional religion: the Democratic party hates religion because it carries with it “do’s and don’t’s”; they want legitimacy to do that which is wrong. They also do not like the thought of a Supreme Being who has more power than they do. 2) conventional marriage: a family with Moms and Dads will raise children who will have no need to call upon government and therefore, their votes cannot be bought. And 3) private property: government has no control over it; and therefore, none over the individual or any profits gained by the individual who owns the property.

Capitalism has given you and me and every member of the Democratic party’s radical left, a standard of living that is unparalleled! And if I were a gambling person, I would wager that not one of them went nor has gone without one single thing during this nation’s pandemic!! Capitalism has done that! What about the food distribution system in our nation? No one has gone without, thanks to capitalism and the generosity of others who were able to provide. Food for thought! Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s “green new deal” never talks about “production”, its absence in socialism, or what it takes to keep production moving. Removing fossil fuels would severely hamper production across the board. Does the Democratic radical left have any idea of all the products made from fossil fuels, and its by-products, that they, themselves, use every single day??

I believe it was after the Democratic National Convention when the news featured Bernie Sanders making this declaration: “once we get Joe in office, we will move forward with our agenda”. Joe Biden is nothing more than a “front-man” who is carrying the water for the radical Democratic party.

If you think you’re going to prosper during a Biden/Harris administration, you better think again. Our choice: socialism, equal misery, confiscation and redistribution; OR democracy, freedom, liberty and capitalism.

Leigh Taylor


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