Regarding censure of DCREMC director

To Decatur County REMC member-owners:

As member-owners of the Decatur County REMC, we are dissatisfied with the actions of the board to censure one of its own directors.

The REMC is supposed to be a cooperative business “owned by” and “operated for” the benefit of its members. Member-owners elect directors to represent them in the operation of the cooperative. The boards needs to remember that the cooperative functions for the benefit of its member-owners. Therefore, the directors must be attentive and understand the needs and desires of the member-owners.

Jeff Lawrence is one of the few directors who diligently works to represent the membership. He is passionate about the cooperative serving all members fairly and equitably. He is not influenced or swayed easily by others. Nor does he comply with the recommendations and desires of the general manager and/or other electric entities without careful consideration. Mr. Lawrence takes his responsibility to the members of this cooperative very seriously and works to ensure that the DCREMC operates efficiently and economically for the member-owners.

It appears some member-owners, when elected to director positions, lose sight of their responsibility to the membership. Perhaps a director becomes captivated by the status and/or benefits of this new position. Soon, this type of director tends to “follow the crowd” and disregards the concerns and interests of the member-owners.

In a few months, it will be time to elect directors for three districts of the DCREMC. Member-owners need to decide whether they want directors who just “follow the crowd” or directors who will make prudent business decisions and protect our assets.

Thank you.

Concerned DCREMC member-owners, Leo J. Fullenkamp William E. Graves Jay Hatton David Holtkamp K. Jeff Morgan Marvin Narwold Paul E. Riedeman Joe Stein Calvin F. Tipton William J. Wietlisbach

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