Regarding COVID-19 emergency provisions

Dear Editor:

The COVID-19 crisis is of the utmost importance to me for multiple reasons. Most personally because my dear husband of 42 years had his life cut short by this awful virus. We both contracted it in early March and became symptomatic around March 12. He ended up in the hospital on March 21, was placed on a ventilator on March 23, and after aggressive attempts to resolve the multiple attacks on his various bodily systems, his life support was disconnected on April 1, with his family present only on FaceTime. The last time I saw him physically was when I took him to the hospital on March 21. He was the man I’ve loved since I was 17, since 1976. Our children, grandson, his siblings, friends and extended family are devastated.

I am also invested because I am a therapist and County adult services coordinator for Centerstone, the nation’s largest not-for-profit behavioral healthcare organization. In light of this pandemic, we have worked diligently to transform our in-person model to a fully functioning telehealth platform in the first week following the declaration of a natural emergency. This was made possible in large part due to HHS issuing emergency waivers to better allow the use of telehealth. Unfortunately, these emergency provisions are set to expire as the public health emergency declaration ends. It is critical these provisions remain in effect while the COVID-19 threat remains.

Mary Pruett, Greensburg

Appreciates former editor

Dear Editor:

I read with sadness about Debbie Blank’s retirement as editor of the Herald Tribune. There are some people who truly make a difference in their communities and Debbie was one of those. Her journalism expertise was amazing and she was one big reason that led the Herald to earn awards and recognition. The whole community is indebted to Debbie for bringing integrity and excellence to our local newspaper.

Debbie saw the need for recognition of many outstanding programs and people, and set a wonderful positive tone in our community. She always found a way to let the community know about all the uplifting things going on in Batesville and surrounding areas. I especially appreciated her coverage of the Batesville Area Arts Council (RAA) and the amazing cutting-edge arts programs we have in our Batesville schools.

Debbie Blank will truly be missed. I thank her for all her contributions over the years to making our community a great place to live. She has had a tremendous impact on all of us.

Jolene Rockwood, Batesville

Team members, dance families appreciated

Dear Editor:

This is a huge shout out to Southeastern Indiana Dance team members and dance families! Over the past nine weeks everyone has worked so hard! Parents made sure their students were set up on Zoom for classes, and the teachers showed up for those classes. Some classes had to be postponed, but they will begin being made up the week of June 1 in studio.

The team has also worked very hard on the re-opening policies to ensure the health and safety of our students, dance families and staff. Thank you to everyone that made this possible!

Lydia Woodward, director Batesville

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