Dear Families and Stakeholders,

The Indiana Department of Education recently released the statewide results of the ILEARN assessment that grades 3-8 took last school year.

ILEARN is the new state assessment for English/language arts and mathematics that is designed to be rigorous and computer-adaptive to measure student growth and achievement.

As we visit classrooms throughout the district, teachers are regularly providing outstanding educational experiences. Students attend schools that provide them with a safe, supportive, and collaborative culture. There is effective teaching in every classroom where students receive a guaranteed and viable curriculum. We routinely implement a variety of formative and interim assessments where students are showing growth and achievement through these various assessments.

This is the first time ILEARN has been administered within the State of Indiana. This meant that the format and administration changed from previous years and caused anxiety and frustration within many students. We firmly believe when our students graduate they will be college and career ready. However we do not believe ILEARN is the sole indicator of this success. Our students are dedicated and hard working, allowing them to persevere and be successful citizens of our community.

We support the Indiana General Assembly in taking action to pass a hold harmless bill that will not have schools held accountable to assessment results that do not accurately reflect student achievement. With the state preparing to make changes to the English/language arts and mathematics standards, the state needs to be systematic in their approach so that the assessment is not in a constant state of change. Lastly, we urge the Department of Education to perform a review of the process that they used to develop ILEARN to prevent future problems with the implementation of future assessments.

We firmly believe that DCCS has great things happening on a daily basis. If you have any questions, we are both available to answer any questions that you have.

Working together,

Dr. Jarrod Burns

Superintendent, Decatur County Community Schools

Nicholas Flowers, Ed.S.

Assistant Superintendent, Decatur County Community Schools

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