Dear Editor:

I am writing because I have a concern and I am uncertain to whom I should direct this concern. I have the hope the the Daily News will be my best source to express my issues.

I went to our local Greensburg Walmart store on two different days last week, on or about October 20 and 22. It is the store's policy that all employees wear face masks with their mouth and noses covered. There are many customers who have health risks and must be concerned about the many chances of contracting the Covid-19 virus.

These two days that I was at our local Walmart, I had walked several aisles and areas of the store for at least 20 minutes. During these minutes, I saw, spoke to, and requested anywhere between 18 to 20 Walmart associates; I mentioned that as employees they are to have the masks worn properly. Most looked at me strangely and would pull their mask over their noses. One young man actually said, "Thank you."

One young girl, however, looked at me with a silly grin and did and said nothing. I repeated the fact that her nose was not covered. Again, a silly smirk. I asked if she would pull up her mask to cover her nose; that there are many customers who have health risks. She stared blankly at me. I asked, "Do you want me to breathe on you?" A slight smirk barely faded and she said, "No." Then I told her to cover her nose.

I went to the Customer Service desk and expressed my concerns. I was told, "We tell them to cover their noses and when we walk away, they pull them back down." I mentioned that perhaps the supervisors and store managers need to make certain their associates know they are serious; perhaps there should be an announcement over the intercom system every 15 minutes; perhaps the associate would take everything more seriously.

Also, the store customers might feel more at ease and feel they could speak up when they may have felt they couldn't before.

I could not get anyone at our local Greensburg Walmart store to take me seriously.

It is my hope that if the Daily News prints this letter the Greensburg Walmart management and its associates will see that there is one person who is willing to speak up for the many customers who do not feel comfortable in doing so. Perhaps the Daily News will be able to show Walmart and the Greensburg community that these are extremely serious concerns for many people.


Dennis O. Shepherd


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