Dear Editor:

Taxes can benefit all of us, so let’s make sure everyone pays their fair share.

President Biden’s plan would close loopholes that presently allow the super rich to pay zero. Workers are paying their fair share; why shouldn’t the ultra-wealthy?

The Build Back Better plan will not raise taxes except on tax-dodging corporations and those making more than $400,000.

Billionaires have increased their wealth by 60% ($1.8 trillion) during this pandemic; they can afford to pay their fair share. Congress needs to pass a fair tax plan in which all of us contribute to rebuilding our country.

The Biden plan would raise $4 trillion to rebuild roads, bridges, and other infrastructure; expand the use of clean energy; strengthen manufacturing and small businesses; lower healthcare and housing costs; increase investment in public education, childcare, support for the elderly and people with disabilities; and guarantee workers paid family and medical leave.

It’s time to rebuild with the common good in mind, time to reward hard work, including that of our family farmers. And let’s cut child poverty in half through making the Child Tax Credit permanent.

So much is possible if the super rich pay their fair share. Congress needs to act now.

Noella Poinsette

Oldenburg, IN

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