Dear Editor,

Hoosier farmers play an integral role in feeding the world, and supporting our state and local economies. Unfortunately, some are leaving the agriculture industry because of the high cost of health care and lack of health benefit options. To prevent farmers from leaving the industry or going without health care altogether, Indiana Farm Bureau is now offering flexible, affordable health care options to its members.

Often, employees are offered health benefits from their employers, but those who are self-employed like our farmers do not have this option or do not qualify for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. The new INFB health care options, created through legislation I supported earlier this year, helps to meet this need for Hoosiers in the agriculture industry.

INFB plans can be for month-to month care, and can cover office visits, prescription drug benefits, preventative services, and maternity and newborn care. According to the INFB, premiums with these plans are not subsidized in order to be more affordable.

Members are eligible to apply for INFB health plans at any time during the year. Applications for the health plans are now available with the earliest effective date Jan. 1, 2021.

The new INFB health plans will help many farmers who were considering leaving the field or who may have been going without health care. Indiana's farmers have a physically demanding job and need affordable health care options for themselves and their families. For more information on the INFB and their health care options, visit

State Rep. Randy Frye

House District 67


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