Thank you, Arbor Grove Village

Dear Editor:

I just want to say “thank you” to all the employees of Arbor Grove.

I spent 14 days there in rehab and from the top on down all the employees were great!

Some of them really stand out in my mind. Nurse David Gadberry was very efficient and had a great sense of humor, CNA Norma Kritlow was one of the hardest working persons I had the pleasure to know ( she must work 27 hours a day!). Housekeeping staff Julie Talent, Lisa Wilbur and Drew Ervine kept the place spotlessly clean. Lori Phelps is the physical therapist and she helped build my muscles up. Sarah Solomon, occupational therapist, also helped me a lot. Soon to be CNA Shannon Roberts was a pleasure to know.

Turns out I graduated with the the grandparents of Emily Marcoux, one of the nurses that dispenses medication.

Again, “thank you” for all the things that helped me while was in the care of these super nice people at Arbor Grove.

George Morgan, Clarksburg

It’s been a great ride

Dear Editor,

I started working at the Rush County Extension Office in June of 2001 with the title of “Temporary, Part-time, Ag Program Assistant.” My last day with Rush County Extension will be January 15, and I leave with the title “ Temporary, Part-time, Ag Program Assistant.”

It has been my privilege and pleasure to get to know and work with the people of the Cooperative Extension Service and the people of Rush County, especially the farmers. I just think it’s time for me to dismount and spend more time at home.

Connie and I will still be residing at Route 1 Knightstown, and as you travel up and down State Road 3 you are welcome to stop and visit. If I’m not there, I may be at some fair watching grandkids show sheep, pigs, rabbits, goats or who knows what!

Thanks to everyone that has helped me along the way.

Will Schakel Knightstown

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