Dear Editor:

The Decatur County Extension Homemakers would like to thank the community for all your support of our recent fundraisers to raise money to support the Decatur County Marching Band (DCMB).

Every year, a few months prior to the Decatur County 4-H Fair, the Decatur County Extension Homemakers begin planning for their annual food eating competition and Open Class food auction fundraiser. During this planning phase generally, multiple charitable causes are selected to receive the funds raised. This year it was a unanimous decision to donate 100% of the funds raised to one organization, the DCMB.

As we began planning and communicating the upcoming fundraiser events to the community we had an overwhelming response. Our soft goal from the very beginning was to raise $4,000 which we quickly raised to $5,000 after receiving such positive responses early in the planning process. Our events were a huge success during the fair with multiple spectators and funders to drive the success of everyone’s efforts. After the dust settled and cleared from all the celebration we were happy to announce we reached our goal of $5,000. To say [we] were ecstatic is an understatement.

We would like to personally acknowledge the following for helping us reach our goal.

First Federal for their unwavering dedication to be our event sponsor. WTRE for their live broadcast of our events and the air time and marketing leading up to the events. Bill Rethlake and the Greensburg Daily News for their continuous support and coverage. Sally Cuskaden and Paulette Duerstock for baking and donating 225 delicious cupcakes. The Smiley Brothers, WTRE, Regina Osborn, and Christopher Fogle for being individual donors of $100 to support the events.

A special thanks to all fair goers who donated on Wednesday night of the fair to help raise an additional $500.

A special “Thank You” to auctioneer Brian Owens for always receiving the highest bid for the best baked goods.

To all the participants who entered the Open Class Foods and donated the baked goods for our food auction, thank you, thank you, thank you.

And to our Cupcake-eating teams, sponsors, and everyone who donated money your enthusiasm and willingness to support is unmatched.

Words cannot begin to express our level of gratitude for what our community did to support the Decatur County Marching Band. We are beyond appreciative for all who made this dream become a reality. Thank you, Decatur County.

Marilyn Davis

Decatur County Extension Homemaker President