Time change should be resolved

Dear Editor:

This letter is not an endorsement of Eastern Standard Time (a/k/a Central Time) or daylight saving time. This is a letter to encourage all legislators across the country to get together and decide, once and for all, which time zone will be observed all year around.

Or, perhaps it could be put on the ballot so the people can decide which time zone to observe. After all, if it weren’t for people there would be no business or industry.

Whichever time zone you prefer, I think we all share one thing in common; we all wish it would remain on one or the other year around.

No matter which time zone we’re on we will always be ahead of some states such as California and others, and it will always be daytime in some parts of the world and nighttime in others due to the way the earth revolves.

So, let’s resolve this time change once and for all.

David Ogle, Westport, Indiana

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