Dear Editor:

Vaccine refusers assert an almost nihilistic disregard of society, law, common sense, professional and parental advice, social compromise, and economic sensibility. Their views appear to result from and to increase the overall prevalence of delusion, disillusionment, fear, and anxiety.

The refusers are surely responsible for unnecessary, ongoing waves of disease and death. They cause disruption in travel, school, work, culture, and environment. Their actions negatively affect community safety, food availability and distribution, housing security, and business operation.

They contribute indirectly but inordinately to homelessness, predatory lending and debt dependence, crime and abuse, medical scams, privacy misunderstandings, human confinement measures, political factiousness, and distrust in hallowed institutions.

Refusenik attitudes and militant stances subvert marriages, families, friendships, workforces, customer bases, and neighborhoods. The anti-vaxxers rip the American flag to shreds, for the sake of their ignorant and defiant individualism.

Their philosophy is a religion without a God, a rebellion without a cause, and a fight without honor. They either unwittingly or openly reject democracy and welcome a populist demagoguery that leads either to anarchy or autocracy.

Please get the shot, people.

Kimball Shinkoskey

City Woods Cross, Utah

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