Dear Editor:

I have always considered myself Republican. I started voting in 1984 for Ronald Reagan and voted Republican in every election with the exception of 2016. I intended to vote Republican then, but, alas, the candidate I supported (Jeb Bush) was not the nominee, so I went Democrat.

Now, after nearly four years of Trump/Pence, I am even more certain I will be voting Democrat again this year.

The words I want to use to describe this administration would not be suitable for this publication. I have never seen a so-called leader of the greatest country on earth inject so much hatred and divisiveness on a childish level that Donald Trump has. Donald Trump cares only about what Donald Trump wants.

I recently had a conversation with someone who said he was voting for Trump; he, in turn, asked who I intend to vote for and I replied Biden. This gentleman asked me why, so I answered with, What has Trump done for you to make your life better? The answer I received was the blank deer staring into the headlight look.

Jim Davis, Greensburg

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