Do not fear, for you will not be ashamed;

Neither be disgraced, for you will not be put to

shame; For you will forget the shame...

And will not remember the reproach...anymore.

(Isaiah 54:4)

The above Bible passage is the key verse for the seminar I will be holding July 11 and 12. I want to share with you in today’s column some of the topics we will discuss. This is an important study as many people struggle with emotions of guilt and/or shame.

Shame will keep a person from further productivity in their life and hinder them from moving forward toward greater goals. Shame can cause a person to have what has been identified as an inferiority complex due to allowing the effects of shame to percolate in their spirit.

Here are the topics:

Shame On You!

The Spiral Of Shame

Inherited Shame

Individual Shame

Incessant Shame

Imposed Shame

Institutional Shame

Shattering The Shackles

Silencing The Accuser

Incessant shame, which is a continuous cycle of shame manifested perpetually from generation to generation.

Shame is essentially fostered in significant relationships because if you do not respect or value someone you usually cannot be shamed by them. John Bradshaw explains how shame is perpetuated within a family:

“When children have shame-based parents, they identify with them. This is the first step in the child’s internalizing shame.”

Psychologists have come to realize that shame-based parents act shamelessly and pass their shame on to their children because “There is no way to teach self-value if one does not value oneself.”

If you do not deal with your shame, you pass it on to your children and they will pass it to their children. Shame then becomes multi-generational, meaning it is firmly entrenched within the family and passed from one generation to the next. Bradshaw explains the continuing cycle:

“Shame-based people find other shame-based people and get married. As a couple each carries the shame from his or her own family system, their marriage will be grounded in their shame-core.”

Shame results in a lack of intimacy in marriage because it is difficult to maintain close relationships when you feel defective and flawed. The results of this shame-based union are detailed by Bradshaw: “Shame-based couples maintain non-intimacy through poor communication, nonproductive circular fighting, games, manipulation, vying for control, withdrawal, blaming, and confluence (the agreement never to disagree).”

The topics that will be covered can help a person understand themselves better and find ways to alleviate the issues of shame. It is my desire to help people find hope for their lives and become fully productive in ways they have never experienced.

I hope you will attend the seminar and learn some key factors to a better way of life. For those not able to attend due to distance, we plan to record the seminar and have it available to send out.

Your life can be great, it just takes some Redirection!


FaithPoints Church

We invite you to worship at 10 a.m. Sunday morning. We will also be hosting a seminar by Dr. Michael Layne entitled: Shattering the Shackles of Shame. You may choose either Thursday, July 11 at 6 p.m. or Friday, July 12 at 10 a.m. Each session will last about an hour and a half. There will be an opportunity to continue the study and there will be discussion to determine the time.

There is no charge but a free will offering is appreciated to help with printing, etc.

The Church is located at 814 W. Sheridan Street, Greensburg. For more information call 812-614-2160 or log onto

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