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The Rush County Commissioners met Monday and adhered to social distancing guidelines while conducting their business.

Following nearly two months of special meetings due to the COVID-19 virus, the trio of Rush County Commissioners met Monday for the first time as a regularly scheduled meeting.

In keeping with the social distancing guidelines and with a limited number of individuals and office holders in attendance, the county leaders spent much of the meeting catching up on old business and approving the minutes of those aforementioned special meetings held since March.

The commissioners then turned their attention to a request by Sheriff Allan Rice to purchase a repeater for use in the newly opened Rush County Jail. According to the sheriff, communication inside the jail has been hampered and in some cases lost altogether by officers and jail employees on their hand held radios. The commissioners approved the request based on county council approval for funding.

In a final matter regarding the RCSD, Sheriff Rice said that as a result to three recent new-hires, jail staff will return to 10-hour shifts. Due to staffing issues, a number of jail employees were required to work 12-hour shifts for coverage resulting a substantial overtime to the sheriff department budget.

In unrelated matters, highway superintendent Jerry Sitton requested signatures on a number of bridge contracts. A hearing to vacate an alley in Manilla was tabled until 9:30 a.m. at the June 8 meeting.

Prior to adjourning, the commissioners said currently there is no set date to reopen the courthouse to the public. County employees are returning to work regarding the COVID-19 policies and guidelines set forth by Governor Holcomb and the state.

The commissioners will next meet in a special meeting beginning at 3:30 p.m. May 22.

Contact or (765) 932-2222 x106.

Contact or (765) 932-2222 x106.

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