The South Decatur varsity volleyball team has won four of its past five matches, including three in one outing.

The Lady Cougars placed second in the Southwestern-Hanover Tournament Saturday, going 3-1 overall. South beat Rock Creek 25-17, Madison-Shawe Memorial 25-20 and Christian Academy 26-24. Its loss was to the winning Southwestern-Hanover hosts, 29-27, 25-7.

South head coach Lisa Bennett was impressed with her team's execution in the tournament. She pointed out South's serving rate of 96 percent, its passing and hitting.

"The girls played some great ball," said Bennett. "We served the ball well throughout the day. Megan Niese served perfect throughout the day."

Niese, a freshman, served 18-for-18 with an ace. Junior Sam Miller served 46-for-47 with a team-high 10 aces. Senior Liz Nobbe served 45-for-46 with two aces, while Sarah Sweet served 19-for-20. Taylor Barkdull served 26-for-27 with two aces, while senior Kassie Diekhoff went 20-for-23 with six service aces.

"We had a better passing day then we have had in the past," said Bennett. "Sam Miller (75-for-80, 27 digs) and Kassidie Diekhoff (94-for-101, 30 digs) both really stepped up their passing games today, which helped to led to a great day at the net."

Nobbe passed 102-for-107 (10 digs), Sweet passed 44-for-50 (10) and Niese passed 51-for-60 (17).

South set 195-for-197, a rate of nearly 99 percent. Nobbe set 101-for-101 with 22 assists, Sweet set 23-for-23 with 10 assists and senior Jesse Walls set 23-for-23 with three assists.

"Lib Nobbe and Sarah Sweet set the ball great, which led to great net play by seniors Kassidie Diekhoff and Keri Deck," said Bennett.

Diekhoff led South in hitting, 64-for-72 with a team-high 17 kills. Deck hit 62-for-70 with 11 kills, and senior Michaela Johnson hit 34-for-39 (12 kills). Walls hit 45-for-48 with 13 kills. Johnson blocked a team-high 40-for-44 with six block-kills, and Walls blocked 21-for-22 with three block-kills.

"Michaela Johnson and Jesse Walls had great games at the net they both hit and blocked the ball very well," said Bennett.

Also hitting were Nobbe (10-for-11, 3 kills) and sophomore Julia Miller (14-for-18, 4 kills). Miller also blocked 8-for-11.

Cougars Block Eagles Monday

South then tallied its fourth win in three days Monday. The Lady Cougars topped visiting Jac-Cen-Del 25-19, 25-15, 25-16.

"The girls played an outstanding game tonight," said coach Lisa Bennett. Everything was flowing great. We had a great passing game and serving game, which allowed us to play an aggressive game at the net. Our setters did an outstanding job tonight as well."

Bennett pointed out the play of junior Sam Miller, who served 23-for-23 with six aces. Miller also passed 17-for-18 with six digs.

"Samantha Miller had an outstanding serving game tonight," said Bennett. "Sam has played some great ball over the last few games, and really seems to be stepping up her game.

Senior Kassie Diekhoff hit 23-for-24 with seven kills and passed 32-for-34 with 13 digs. Taylor Barkdull passed 40-for-42 with 13 digs and served 10-for-10 with an ace. Liz Nobbe served 13-for-13 with an ace, set 58-for-58 with a team-high 12 assists and passed 39-for-42 with five digs. She also hit 6-for-6.

Senior Jesse Walls hit 19-for-21 with six kills and blocked 9-for-9 with 2 block-kills. Michaela Johnson passed 20-for-21 with three digs, hit 19-for-21 with 2 kills and blocked 18-for-19 with a team-best four block-kills.

Sarah Sweet set 18-for-18 with three assists, passed 17-for-17 with six digs and added two aces.

Senior Keri Deck added two kills, while Lizzy Hedger added two digs and two assists.

"Overall, I had no complaints out of these girls tonight," said Bennett. "They played well together; having fun and communicating better than the past. I hope that this can carry over to the rest of our games this week and the rest of the season and sectional tournament."


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